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Monitor and secure your SSHD (Remote Login) for your workstation or server. Currently, available for Mac OS X.


SSH Security Monitor (SSH-SMA) allows you to see when your Mac OS X Workstation's/Server's Secure Shell (SSH/Remote Login) is accessed and by whom. It also tells you if access attempts were successful or if they failed. It logs all SSH access and attempted access and gives you the option of being immediately alerted visually and by sound when access is attempted or remain silent and just log the event. In addition, it allows you to Auto-Ban computers/networks after they exceed a variable number of failed login attempts; banned computer/networks are banned until you unban them. Thanks to our Auto-Ban feature you can literally set it and never have to worry about your SSH Remote Login being forcefully compromised again.

Advanced TCP/IP Stream Heuristics Analysis

Unlike competitors we use heuristic analysis of the direct TCP/IP stream to identify threats instead of simply reading system logs. This gives the added benefit of being able to detect threats which are not logged. Since SSH-SMA works independently of the SSHD subsystem it will continue to protect you even if your SSHD installation is compromised by a virus, malicious hackers, or disgruntled staff. Heuristic analysis also is not limited to payload signatures or logging semantics which can change with software updates or new hacker protocol intrusion tools. Heuristics have an intelligence which can spot suspicious SEQ patterns and suspect packet metadata so SSH-SMA can immediately alert you or take action on your behalf.

Features/Benefits of SSH-SMA

  • Easy to install, simply double click on the installer program
  • Simple easy to understand and use configuration settings
  • Visual and auditory alerts
  • Works on IPv4 and IPv6
  • Integrates with your existing SSHD Remote Login service
  • Secure your system from SSH attacks and unauthorized break-ins
  • Detail logging of all TCP/IP events
  • Easy lookup of offending IPs location and metadata
  • Two logging modes standard and verbose
  • Automatically ban IP of repeat offenders
  • Banned IPs block all in-coming and out-going traffic to that computer/network
  • Works on any port, default 22 or any non-standard port
  • Works on any network interface or multiple interfaces
  • Works even if your SSHD/Remote Login subsystem is nonstandard or has been compromised
  • Not dependent on system logs or other logs
  • Access to Asclepius Rod's email support with a turn-around-time of no more than 24 hours, often within just minutes
  • Directly monitors TCP/IP stream for over 50 heuristic patterns and attack characteristics
  • Alert auto-muting with variable configuration settings
  • Works with the latest version of MAC OS X
  • Integrates with Mac OS X firewall
  • Power users will appreciate our verbose logging option and dump field which logs a direct dump of the TCP/IP packet metadata
  • Multi-threaded; can theoretically process over 9 Quintillion, 223 Quadrillion packets between log truncations; however you would need a super computer indeed with enough Storage, RAM, and CPUs Hz to power the heuristic engine to approach that limit

System Requirements

  • The latest version of Mac OS X is recommended (Catalina 10.15.+ ready)
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.10 or greater
  • *Due to a bug in Mac OS X 10.10.x - 10.14.4 firewall the Auto-Ban feature will not work on these versions of Mac OS X, this feature of SSH-SMA works on Mojave 10.14.5 and higher
  • Auto IP Banning will not work on earlier versions of Mac OS X, although the other capabilities of SSH-SMA may or may not work on earlier versions of Mac OS X
  • Requires Multi-Core 64bit Intel Processor (x86_64)

For instructions on how to setup SSH/Remote Login on your Mac, so you can remotely login to your computer visit: Setup SSH/Remote Login Help

SSH-SMA Screenshots
SSH-SMA Activity Screen

SSH-SMA Activity Screen

SSH-SMA Configuration Screen

SSH-SMA Configuration Screen

SSH-SMA Menu Item

< SSH-SMA Menu Item

SSH-SMA Configuration Help Screen

SSH-SMA Configuration Help Screen

SSH-SMA Password Help Screen

SSH-SMA Password Help Screen

SSH-SMA Tutorial

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